Ijaraah import and export vehicles in Pakistan. Shipping vehicles is delicate: that car might seem like a large package, but you want it handled with care.
ijaraah has lasted as long as we have because we provide peace of mind. As a result of our strong industry connections, we inspire customer confidence. When a vehicle is delivered, you can collect your vehicle from our showroom.

Payment can be made by:

A 10% deposit secures your order. We have your vehicle delivery covered. We’ll find the best means and method of delivery for you, and ensure the best possible price, meaning you can sit back and wait for your new car’s arrival in confidence.

car ijarah payment method - bank transfer
Electronic Bank Transfer
car ijarah payment method check

(allow 10 working days for clearance)

car ijarah payment method credit card
Credit & Debit Cards

Ijaraah import & export payments can be made with credit or debit cards. 

Ijaraah Vehicle Importing