Car Ijarah

Car Ijarah is known as a lease contract under which a company purchases a car and leases it to a customer. The company may rent the car and receive rental payment. At the end of the payment schedule or at the end of the period, ownership of the equipment or property passes to the customer.

Car Ijarah Islamic Concept

In Arabic, ijarah means “to rent out something”. An Islamic bank’s Ijarah policy allows its customers to use an asset or equipment owned by the institution for a fixed period at a fixed price. Al Ijara is very similar to a leasing contract; a vehicle, home, plant, or machinery could be leased.

  In ijarah, one is not permitted to earn money by lending money to others or by taking money from others. Therefore, a bank or any Muslim lending money to anyone cannot charge interest. It is permissible for an individual to rent an asset, but it is strictly prohibited to rent money. Ijarah Finance provides financing for a new or used car in a haram-free environment for Muslims.  

islamic concept of car ijarah- car ijaraah interest free financing

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Lowest Down Payment

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1-7 Years Plans

New And Used Cars

New Cars

Now you can choose new models within your budget and can have your own dreamed car.

Used Cars

Ijaraah provides you distinctive opportunity of leasing new cars and locally used cars as well. This aspect is specially introduced to owning a pocket-friendly vehicle.

The down-payment is kept as low as 20% by keeping your mental relief in mind. This feature is specifically designed as a highly economical option.

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