Leasing cars on instalments for over 5 years.

Car Ijaraah is changing the way used cars are traded in Pakistan. Over 2+ purchase and sale centers are located in Islamabad and Sialkot. With our hassle-free, secure, and convenient process, car owners can easily sell their cars. Dealers are also able to access Carijraah’s nationwide inventory through sales platform accordingly.

Our Mission

To provide our customers easy instalments.

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Our Vision

Providing cars on instalments all over Pakistan.


All decisions must be made in an honest and ethical manner.
For all our products and services, it is our responsibility to satisfy the needs of our customers

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Why Choose Us

We are a reliable car ijaraah pvt. limited company that provides car on easy instalments. 


A team of expert professionals will help you to sell or buy the car of your choice.

Best Choice

There are a lot of choices at our plate form because of there is rush in trading of cars

Low Cost

Plate form related to low cost/charges during trading of your own choice of car.This is a short description elaborating the service you have mentioned above.



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