Ijaraah is interest-free car financing company, providing cars on installments in Pakistan. It is a type of Islamic financing called car Ijarah (leasing).
Individuals seeking new and used cars on installments and interest-free financing for assembled or imported vehicles can contact us. 
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What ijaraah Do

With Car Ijarah, investors can buy cars on installments and also rent them out to customers for a period of 1 to 7 years. After the ijarah period, we will transfer ownership to the customer.

We also deal in used cars on installment in Pakistan.

car ijarah investment

Car Ijarah

Our company provides cars in easy installments.

car investment

Investment Plans

Now invest with us and get up to 10% profit per year.

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Import & Export

Why Choose ijaraah?

Located in the different cities of Pakistan, Ijaraah is an experienced and reliable car leasing company.

After Delivery Payment

The rental payment begins after the vehicle is delivered

Lowest Up Front Payment

Your car can be financed with a 20% downpayment.

Minimum security deposit as low as 25%
Quick Processing Time

The process of buying a car by installments is easier than ever before.

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Who is eligible for car ijarah

In order to qualify for leasing or financing a vehicle, a person needs to fulfill certain requirements


Salaried Professionals

Popular Brands

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